Jake started dancing Argentine tango 2003, spending his formative years in Portland, Oregon while also making several extended trips to Buenos Aires to study with the Maestros.
Fortunate to have lived in Argentina just in time to see the greats of prior generations before they passed, Jake was strongly influenced by the last surviving dancers from the Golden Age. Captivated by the simple elegance of dancers with 60 years experience who had seen it all, he came to understand tango not steps, but rather a way of moving to music. 
His approach to motor learning and pedagogy draw from his experiences as a college tennis player and coach, single-digit handicap golfer, lawyer, and diplomat.
“I love the details that create such a sophisticated and beautiful dance.”
Inspired by her grandmother, Danarae started dancing at age 5 and went on to win multiple national championships as captain of her dance team. She continued to perform and teach ballet, jazz, contact improv, and ballroom for 20 years.
After finding tango in 2005, she moved to Argentina to train with the Maestros. It was in the milongas of Buenos Aires that she connected with herself and others through movement in a way no other dance had provided. Since she began teaching Argentine tango in 2009, Danarae has been committed to sharing her perspectives with those who seek a unique and challenging experience through dance.
“I love the playful, connective energy tango music creates between two people on the dance floor. To move together in verbal silence through music and touch brings a whole other meaning to the human experience.”