“Wonderful Experience”
Jake and Danarae are both wonderful teachers as well as great dancers. This is not always true with good dancers. Some of them, unfortunately make poor teachers. I was 'blown away" how knowledgeable this young, vibrant couple was about Argentine Tango.
They show great interest in the progress their students are making while making lessons fun, and rewarding. They teach steps, carriage, technique as well as encouraging students to try and think "out of the box' once they gain more experience. Lucky is the class or person who will have Danarae and Jake to teach them!!!!!!
“More than ‘just’ Tango Teachers”
I remember the first time I saw Danarae on the dance floor. I almost embarrassed myself staring at her in awe, "Who is THAT?! THAT is how I want to dance!", I said out loud to myself. She was so grounded, yet so light, so confident, so "gooey" and responsive and appeared to be totally in the moment while thoroughly enjoying herself and her partner. I began taking private lessons from them immediately and they quickly became my Tango gurus, always pushing me but encouraging me at the same time. I felt like I was their ONLY student, they were always so focused and personally invested in my progress. I now consider them my friends as well as my beloved Tango instructors, I hate to see them go but can't wait to have them return to the Portland Tango scene to share a tanda or two! Do not miss the opportunity to study with these two amazing people and beautiful dancers, they will forever raise your expectations as well as your skill level.
“Wonerful Teachers”
I first met Jake and Danarae as a drop in for their Monday night beginners class. The space is open and comfortable with mirrors all around. They welcomed me right away and made me feel at ease with the class.
Jake is a super cool guy and Danarae has a zest for life that makes the whole room smile. While I always felt that the both kept a connection with the entire class, they also were able to provide individual attention to each and every student. They display the confidence of experience with the sweet disposition and sincere encouragement that a beginner dancer will appreciate. They take the time plan each class into a series of bite sized pieces and by the end of the hour incorporate together into a flowing routine. Most of all they emphasize the essence of the Tango and the presence and connection required for the dance.
I enjoyed their class so much that I signed up for private lessons which they concentrate the same formula of the group class with the entire focus on you and your needs to get to the next level.
“They will take your skills to the next level.”
Nice. They make me smile. Jake and Danarae know Tango and are attentive hands-on teachers with good communication skills. They patiently instruct in a proven teaching pattern and will stick with you until you understand and can perform the movement on your own. They have helped me overcome several limiting body mechanic issues and I will definitely be back taking more classes with them again in the future. I really appreciate what they have done for me. Here is a big hug and thank you Jake and Danarae. Again, you make me smile.
“Hey guys!”
I just wanted to give you guys mad props and thanks for an amazing class tonight!  The focused attention to technique and quality of movement is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again-- I'll be back soon (hopefully with friends)!
Jackie :)
“Hi Danarae”
We are enjoying your class very much and I am so happy that finally we found great tango teachers so we can commit ourselves to it and come every week :-)  Believe me, my husband have tried few classes here and there and I have been dragging him to go with me, but with you guys, he is very motivated and he likes your way of teaching so much,  so I owe you a big thanks :-)
“Wonderful Instructors”
Jake and Danarae are wonderful people and wonderful teachers. It is difficult to not be affected by their enthusiasm for the dance. They are thoughtful, patient, generous and clearly interested in having their students learn what the student wants to know.
“Superb technicians + teachers regardless of skill”
We started taking classes with Jake and Danarae a few months ago. We'd heard about them, and saw who we thought were them dancing at a tango studio a few times. Exceptional flow and movement.
Within about the first ten steps of our first class - during a pre-class warm-up, they had an entire series of corrections for us to apply. And it has been this way since then.
They function as one being, each so well tuned to what the other is going to do or say. They are excellent at describing and walking us through the steps with a carefully constructed and practiced game plan. As technicians they are just about the best that I can immagine. We are now taking our second set of private lessons with them, and this past lesson has been the most crucial of my short tango life, giving me insight that is critical to furthering my success. I am really sad to see them go, as we are just really starting to get comfortable with them and what they can offer to us. Oh well, our loss will be someone else's gain.
“Enhance your dances, with Jake and Danarae”
Dance was a brand new world to me and my partner when we first started tango lessons. We first attended one of Jake and Danarae's group classes after about a year of lessons (all good by the way). We were at a point where we realized we would really benefit from some private sessions. They grasped what we needed to work on to take us to the next level; they also gave us plenty to think about as well. While patient and encouraging, they are both sticklers for the fundamentals, which in our case, cleared up a lot of problems.
“Very capable teachers. I recommend them to all.”
Jake and Danarae are very organized and efficient. They get a lot of teaching done in a short time. I seem to learn fast from them. They make Argentine Tango interesting and fun.
“Dear Jake and Danarae”
We both really like your class and hope to become regulars. We had a couple of other teachers and you are absolutely the best for us. Thanks for offering us advice about Argentina.